Auditions: Monday & Tuesday
February 18th & 19th at 7:00 pm

Location: The Hangar, 654 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, 30188

Performance Dates: May  10, 11, 12 | 17, 18, 19 

Audition will consist of cold readings from the script .
Non-equity; volunteer.

Show description:

Harvey Ruttles has waited his entire life to inherit his fortune. Perhaps the only other person who is more excited about the inheritance is his wife, Peggy. The day finally arrives when Harvey’s father passes. Peggy throws a little celebration to kick off their life full of luxury…when Harvey chokes to death on an imported piece of ham. Without Harvey’s signature on the inheritance papers, Peggy has nothing. Her dreams are shattered unless she can convince everyone that Harvey is still alive. With the help of her sister Darlene, a hilarious tale ensues as they try to convince their small town – the minister, Harvey’s co-workers, neighbors and friends that Harvey is alive and well.

Join us onstage for this hilarious comedy a la “Weekend at Bernie’s” !

6 males / 5 females / 2-3 extras
All ages 18+ unless specified below in character description

Peggy Ruttles – A middle aged woman, Harvery’s wife

Harvey– Her husband

Darlene – Peggy’s Sister

Mr. Belkin – An Attorney

Rev. McReedy – the Baptist Church Pastor

Lois Gray – the Elder Mr. Ruttles’ Aged Secretary

Donnie Gray – Her Drug Addict Son

Rosa – The Busy Body Neighbor

Charlotte – Harvey’s Cousin

Mr. Parsons – Funeral Home Director

Police Officer

Various Mourners


Performance Dates: March 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 2019

All performances will be held at the Downtown Canton Theatre
171 East Main Street, Canton, 30114

Bernard is attempting to rush his wife, Jacqueline, off to her mother’s for the weekend so he can enjoy a tryst with his model girlfriend, Suzanne.  Jacqueline cancels her plans at the last minute when she learns that Bernard has also invited his best friend, Robert, who is her secret lover. The complications pile on when Bernard persuades a reluctant Robert to pretend to be Suzanne’s boyfriend, making Jacqueline furiously jealous.  Because Robert has never met Suzanne (aka Suzy), he mistakenly introduces the catering chef, Suzette (also nicknamed Suzy) as his girlfriend. During the course of the evening, Suzette masquerades as Bernard’s lover and Robert’s niece, in addition to being the wife of the muscular and threatening George.  Set in a converted barn in the French countryside, the play has all the usual conventions of farce, including a great deal of physical comedy.

 CTC is a membership based organization and requires all cast to become members of CTC. The annual membership dues are $15. This helps offset the cost of the production, such as royalty fees, costume, set and prop expenses, etc. Your dues help us put on these productions. If you are current with your membership then you do not have to pay upon time of casting.

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